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Taft Avenue (near LRT 1 Quirino Station), Manila, Philippines
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Welcome to Harvard Suites

Harvard Suites is a Mixed-Use Development Tower. The building is highly accessible to public transportation strategically located just a few steps away from the LRT 1 Quirino Station and along Taft Avenue which is connecting to major roadways, such as, Osemeña Highway Boulevard. The tower is neigboring variuos retail and recreational establishments and onenting towards the fascinating view of the sunset in Manila Bay.

With forty (40) floors, Harvard Suites offers different types of units from a dormitory style up to a hotel suite. The tower carries four (4)-bed units, two (2)-bed units and double bed hotel accomodations.

Lodging, Learning, Living

Harvard Suites focuses on enriching the lives of the hardworking students, young professionals and tourists by offering modest and comfortable environment. Harvard Suites was carefully designed to deliver a range of lifestyle choices for its tenants that builds up to a productive working and studying atmosphere.

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Experience the best of high-rise living

To furnish a better modern lodging experience, Harvard Suites is equipped with security systems, centralized garbage collection system, Fully-automated Fire and Smoke Detection system, retail shops and contemporary amenities featuring a sophisticated lobby, a spacious cafeteria, an outdoor swimming pool, a well-equipped lifestyle gym, a roof deck jogging path and tranquil sky and student lounges.

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  • Modern Lobby
  • Student Lounge
  • Swimming Pool
  • Fitness Gym
  • Cafeteria
  • Jogging Path

Building Features

  • Security 24/7
  • Multi Level Parking
  • Pre-Cast Construction
  • Emergency Power Genset

Unit Options

  • Four (4)-Bed Dormitory Room
  • Two (2)-Bed Dormitory Room
  • Double Bed Room
  • Combined Unit